Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of one or more keys that you can use to perform actions, e.g. opening a new document (Ctrl + N). You can save time working with long documents by using some of Word’s keyboard shortcuts to perform common or repetitive tasks.

Here are some useful shortcuts for Windows users that you may want to familiarise yourself. Most of these shortcuts will replace the Ctrl key with the Command key if you are a Mac user 1.

Document Shortcuts

Ctrl + N                             Create new document

Ctrl + S                              Save document

Ctrl + Z                              Undo last action

Ctrl + A                             Select all

F7                                       Start Spellchecker

Ctrl + F4                           Close current document

Navigation Shortcuts

Home                               Go to start of line

Ctrl + Home                    Go to start of document

Page Down                     Go to next page

Ctrl + Page Down         Go to next page (top)

Ctrl + F                              Find (Navigation Pane)

Tab                                     Go to next table cell

Ctrl + P                                 Open Print dialogue box

Ctrl + Y                                 Redo last action

F4                                           Repeat last action

F9                                           Update field

Ctrl + Alt+T                         Insert ™

Ctrl + Alt+C                        Insert ©

End                                        Go to end of line

Ctrl + End                            Go to end of document

Page Up                              Go to previous page

Ctrl + Page Up                   Go to previous page (top)

Ctrl + G                                Go to a specific page

Shift + Tab                          Go to previous table cell

Clipboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + X                             Cut

Ctrl + V                             Paste

Paragraph and Pagination Shortcuts

Enter                                 New paragraph

Ctrl + Enter                     Insert Page Break

Shift + Enter                   New line (in paragraph)

Ctrl + Shift + Enter       Insert Section Break

Ctrl + C                                 Copy

Alt+Ctrl +V                         Paste Special

Ctrl + Q                             Switch off formatting

Ctrl + M                            Increase Indent Ctrl + Shift +M   Decrease Indent Ctrl + E                                            Center Alignment

Further information and help

If you want to learn about any Microsoft product in more detail you can use Microsoft’s Office Support for tutorials, videos and helpful hints.

  • Within Word, click File tab and the question mark (top right) at any time for help. Search for keywords, e.g. shortcuts.


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