Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts

PC & Mac

Category Shortcut Function
Edit S Snap feature – turn on or off
Edit Alt / Option Unlink Audio / Video [Holding down Alt Key while clicking on a linked clip will unlink the audio and video portion of it]
Edit Alt + [ Set begin workarea marker
Edit Alt +] Set End workarea marker
Edit V Selection Tool
Edit C Razor or Cut tool
Edit ALT + Right / Left Arrow Move SELECTED clip, one frame at a time
Edit SHIFT + Delete Ripple Delete
Playback Spacebar Toggle Play Forward / Stop
Playback J Play reverse
Playback L Play forward
Playback K Stop Play
Playback K+L Play forward in slow motion. [Hold down K first and then Hold down L
Playback K+J Play reverse in slow motion [Hold down K first and then hold down J]
Playback K+(L) Play forward one frame at a time [Hold down K, then press L for each frame to move forward]
Playback K+(J) play reverse one frame at a time [Hold down K, then press J for each frame to move back]
Timeline (backslash) Resizes timeline to display entire project
Timeline HOME Move to the beginning of the timeline
Timeline END Move to the End of the timeline
Timeline Page Up Move to the beginning of current clip or earlier edit point
Timeline Page Down Move to the end of the current clip or next edit point
Timeline I Set Inpoint
Timeline O Set Outpoint
Timeline Q Go To Inpoint
Timeline W Go To Outpoint
Timeline * [Keypad] Adds Marker [Has to be asterisk key on numeric keypad and not shift + 8]
Timeline Z Zoom Tool (+ / – on keyboard to zoom in/out, not keypad)
Modifier Key Key Description of shortcut
   E Eject
   Escape Cancel capture
   F Fast forward
   G Record
   R Rewind
   S Stop
   Tab Navigate through editable fields
   D Clear in point
   F Clear out point
   G Clear in and out points
 Ctrl  G Group
 Ctrl Shift G Ungroup
 Ctrl  R Speed/duration
 Ctrl Shift / Duplicate
 Ctrl  A Select all
 Ctrl Shift A Deselect all
 Ctrl  C Copy
  Shift Delete Ripple delete
   Delete Clear
 Ctrl  E Edit original
 Ctrl  F Find
 Ctrl  V Paste
 Ctrl Shift V Paste insert
Alt Ctrl  V Paste attributes
 Ctrl  X Cut
 Ctrl  Z Undo
 Ctrl Shift Z Redo
 Ctrl  / New bin
 Ctrl Shift H Selection
 Ctrl  I Import
Alt Ctrl  I Import from browser
 Ctrl  M Export Media
 Ctrl  N New sequence
Alt Ctrl  N New project
 Ctrl  O Open project
Alt Ctrl  O Browse in bridge
 Ctrl  Q Exit
 Ctrl  S Save
 Ctrl Shift S Save as
Alt Ctrl  S Save a copy
 Ctrl  W Close
 Ctrl Shift W Close project
 Ctrl Shift H Get properties for selection
   M Match frame
   Q Go to in point
   W Go to out point
   F1 Adobe premiere pro help
 Ctrl  0 Clear current sequence marker
 Ctrl Shift 0 Clear current clip marker
Alt   0 Clear all sequence markers


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