Fireworks CC CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts


Pointer tool V, 0
Select Behind tool V, 0
Subselection tool A, 1
Marquee tool M
Oval Marquee tool M
Lasso tool L
Polygon Lasso tool L
Crop tool C
Export Area tool C
Magic Wand tool W
Line tool N
Pen tool P
Rectangle tool U
Ellipse tool U
Polygon tool U
Text tool T
Pencil tool B
Vector Path tool P
Redraw Path tool P
Brush tool B
Scale tool Q
Skew tool Q
Distort tool Q
9-slice scaling tool Q
Freeform tool O
Reshape Area tool O
Path Scrubber tool - additive O
Path Scrubber tool - subtractive O
Eyedropper tool I
Paint Bucket tool G
Gradient tool G
Eraser tool E
Blur tool R
Sharpen tool R
Dodge tool R
Burn tool R
Smudge tool R
Rubber Stamp tool S
Replace Color tool S
Red Eye Removal S
Knife tool Y
Rectangle Hotspot tool J
Circle Hotspot tool J
Polygon Hotspot tool J
Slice tool K
Polygon Slice tool K
Hand tool H
Zoom tool Z
Hide/Show Slices 2
Default Stroke and Fill Colors D
Swap Stroke and Fill Colors X
No Stroke or Fill
Toggle Screen Mode F

Auto Shapes

Arrow Line
Beveled Rectangle
Chamfer Rectangle
Connector Line
Measure Tool
Rounded Rectangle
Smart Polygon


Check In [the active document]
Check Out [the active document]
Clone and Nudge Down Opt+Down Arrow, Opt+Cmd+Down Arrow
Clone and Nudge Down Large Shift+Opt+Down Arrow, Shift+Opt+Cmd+Down Arrow
Clone and Nudge Left Opt+Left Arrow, Opt+Cmd+Left Arrow
Clone and Nudge Left Large Shift+Opt+Left Arrow, Shift+Opt+Cmd+Left Arrow
Clone and Nudge Right Opt+Right Arrow, Opt+Cmd+Right Arrow
Clone and Nudge Right Large Shift+Opt+Right Arrow, Shift+Opt+Cmd+Right Arrow
Clone and Nudge Up Opt+Up Arrow, Opt+Cmd+Up Arrow
Clone and Nudge Up Large Shift+Opt+Up Arrow, Shift+Opt+Cmd+Up Arrow
Edit Bitmap
Exit Bitmap Mode Shift+Cmd+E
Fill Selected Pixels Opt+Delete
Get [the active document]
Group as Bitmap Mask
Group as Vector Mask
Next Page Page Down, Cmd+Page Down
Next Selection Shift+Cmd+Right Arrow
Next State Shift+.
Nudge Down Down Arrow
Nudge Down Large Shift+Down Arrow
Nudge Left Left Arrow
Nudge Left Large Shift+Left Arrow
Nudge Right Right Arrow
Nudge Right Large Shift+Right Arrow
Nudge Up Up Arrow
Nudge Up Large Shift+Up Arrow
Paste Inside Shift+Cmd+V
Play Animation Ctrl+Opt+P
Previous Page Page Up, Cmd+Page Up
Previous Selection Shift+Cmd+Left Arrow
Previous State Shift+,
Put [the active document]
Redo Selection
Undo Check Out [the active document]
Undo Selection

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